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4/16/2009 6:11:34 PM
SEMATECH and Canon ANELVA Partner to Develop Advanced Materials and Processes for Future Non-volatile Memory Devices

SEMATECH, a global consortium of chipmakers, announced today that Canon ANELVA Corporation, a leading manufacturer of semiconductor equipment, has joined its Front End Processes (FEP) Program. The joint partnership will expand on current collaborative efforts to develop suitable materials and process techniques for future non-volatile memory (NVM) applications.

To further advance scaling of next-generation memory materials for sub 40 nm nodes, Canon ANELVA will collaborate with experts from SEMATECH’s FEP program on the development of nanoscale, uniform dielectrics and metal films for non-volatile memory applications, using Canon ANELVA’s physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology for memory-based applications. These dielectric and electrode materials are expected to improve data retention and the speed of program and erase in both charge trap and floating gate flash memory architectures.

“We are excited to work with the most advanced technologists in developing manufacturable solutions for tunnel oxide, charge trap materials, high-k and metal electrodes for advanced flash and other non-volatile memories,” said Naoki Watanabe, General Manager, Engineering Division2, Electronic Devices Engineering Headquarters. “The collaboration combines Canon ANELVA’s experience in precision materials, low damage PVD, and related equipment platforms and SEMATECH’s strengths in the development of fundamental materials and advanced memory technologies.”

Within the NVM semiconductor industry, shrinkage of device dimensions to reduce cost per function presents several critical issues for flash memory scaling, such as tunnel oxide integrity, capacitive coupling between control and floating gate, and cross talk between adjacent devices. SEMATECH and Canon ANELVA’s collaboration will focus on developing a new set of materials to address these scaling challenges for flash memory.

“This collaborative effort reinforces SEMATECH’s commitment to develop cutting-edge memory technologies utilizing advanced materials for continued performance improvement of semiconductor technologies,” said Raj Jammy, vice president of emerging technologies, SEMATECH. “The joint research initiative with Canon ANELVA will aim to develop the various materials components needed for advanced NVM and evaluate the reliability of these materials.”

The collaboration will be conducted between the research teams of SEMATECH’s FEP device and reliability experts and Canon ANELVA’s semiconductor equipment engineers.

SEMATECH’s FEP program is aimed at developing new techniques for extending high-k dielectrics, metal gates, high mobility channels, and advanced memory technologies in collaboration with member companies, universities, national labs and supplier partners.

For 20 years, SEMATECH ( has set global direction, enabled flexible collaboration, and bridged strategic R&D; to manufacturing. Today, we continue accelerating the next technology revolution with our nanoelectronics and emerging technology partners.

Canon ANELVA Corporation ( was established in 1967 and has developed and sold many kinds of manufacturing equipments for multiple applications such as semiconductor, storage and flat panel displays, and vacuum components, with its unique ultra high vacuum technologies utilizing plasma and thin-film technologies. Canon ANELVA has lead and opened up various de-facto standard products as a pioneer in this field by unique technologies.

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