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6/13/2007 7:47:16 AM
Zyvex Hires New General Manager

Zyvex, the first molecular nanotechnology company, today announced the addition of Randy Schussler as General Manager of Zyvex Instruments.

Schussler has 20 years experience leading the growth of high technology companies. An accomplished executive with a passion for operational excellence, his vision and experience have driven profitable, sustained growth in a variety of enterprises, large and small, around the world.

"We're excited to have Randy here to lead this company," said Zyvex Founder Jim Von Ehr. "His executive ability, people and planning skills, and energy level are exactly what we're looking for. He also possesses outstanding technology development skills and has a proven track record in growing businesses."

This new position follows directly on the announcement of Zyvex's split into four companies: Zyvex Instruments, Zyvex Performance Materials, Zyvex Labs, and Zyvex Asia.

"Our company has always had a reputation for delivering results," said Von Ehr. "Restructuring the company into four units will allow us to leverage our strong technical position and focus on individual products, markets, customers, and new technologies."

Zyvex Instruments, LLC commercializes nanotechnology to address real-world applications with high growth potential. The company has a proven seven-year track record of providing tools, instrumentation, and applications to the semiconductor and advanced research markets. The company's flagship product, the Zyvex nProber, is an 8-positioner nanomanipulator system designed and optimized to electrically probe sub-100 nanometer features on the most advanced semiconductor devices. The system consists of a state-of-the-art Zyvex Nanomanipulator, an FEI Quanta 200 FEG SEM, an 8-channel DC parametric analyzer, an advanced anti-contamination system, and custom software to control and integrate each component.

Zyvex Performance Materials, LLC, which was announced in April, leverages Zyvex's long-standing reputation as an industry leader in nanomaterials applications, as well as its existing nanomaterials patents, proprietary methods, core technologies, and revenue-generating customer base. The company's NanoSolve(R) products deliver enhanced mechanical and electrical properties in polymers by selectively incorporating the intrinsic properties of carbon nanotubes into composite materials for the Sporting Goods, Aerospace, Defense, and Automotive industries. The company, which is scaling its business to meet the growing demand for commercial applications in nanomaterials, is relocating to Columbus, Ohio in order to be in close proximity to the epicenter of the advanced materials industry. The company's recently announced General Manager, Thomas Hughes, was formerly the Chief Operating Officer for Applied Sciences Incorporated and the General Manager for Pyrograf Products, Incorporated, the manufacturing affiliate for Applied Sciences.

Zyvex Labs, LLC is engaged in R&D to develop next generation MEMS-based instruments and to commercialize atomically precise manufacturing. Jim Von Ehr will personally oversee the management and direction of the group, which will remain in Richardson, Texas.

Zyvex Asia, LLC, based in Singapore, will provide R&D support to the Zyvex Group of companies, and commercialize nanotechnology in Asia.

Schussler is the past President of Codekko Software, an early stage software company which has developed a disruptive technology that increases the efficiency of servers delivering web applications by 300%. He also managed the growth of Flextronics' business with two of its largest customers. He created sustained, profitable growth with one $1.5B+ customer, and started the other customer's business from nothing -- to achieve several hundred million per year in revenue. Schussler was the original operations executive at Xtera Communications, a well-funded telecom startup, growing it to a run rate of $80M per quarter. He drove the manufacturing operations in the United States, Mexico and China while with STB/3dfx. The company grew from <$100M to greater than $300M, in less than three years.

Schussler holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Oregon State University.

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