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5/22/2007 11:03:59 PM
NanoDynamics Launches TechBank IP Technology Portfolio

NanoDynamics, Inc., a diversified nanotechnology and manufacturing company, recently announced the launch of TechBank. This forum offers information on a selection of the company’s intellectual property (IP) technologies that are available for sale, licensing, partnering or joint development.

“As we continue to grow in alignment with a global demand for cleantech solutions, it makes sense to focus our resources on a core set of markets and the solutions within our technology portfolio that address them,” said Keith Blakely, NanoDynamics C.E.O. “As the technologies we have selected for TechBank provide viable and equally valuable solutions across many industries, we are offering them to developers in markets and applications outside our targeted areas who can benefit from them.”

The first 13 of these technologies are currently available for review. Several are expected to be added each quarter. The technologies typically fall into one of the following four stages of development:

  • Developed – These technologies are ready for scale-up and commercialization, and are protected by issued patents. Once a relationship is established, a partner can begin immediate commercialization.
  • Intermediate – These technologies have been secured through published or applied patents, and prototypes have been demonstrated. A potential partner has the opportunity to develop a manufacturing process best suited to a particular market/application.
  • Nascent – These technologies have an IP disclosure and a prototype has been developed, but patents have not yet been filed. A potential partner has the opportunity to tailor the patent and the product to cover a particular market/application.
  • Theoretical – These technologies have an IP disclosure or patent, but prototypes do not yet exist.

“Unlike other ‘IP stores’ that use a third-party brokering system, TechBank offers the ability for those interested in our intellectual properties to work directly with our internal experts,” said Dr. Alan Rae, vice president of ND Innovations. “This one-on-one interaction and communication enables us to better understand the potential application and its needs, and thus help interested parties make an informed and accurate choice from among our IP technologies. It also allows us to determine the most mutually beneficial relationship, from joint development, to licensing, to the outright sale of a technology. In addition, it insulates proprietary knowledge by limiting discussions to only those directly involved in the development process.”

Located within NanoDynamics’ NDInnovations group web portal at, TechBank offers a downloadable description of each of the company’s available IP technologies. Upon review of this information, interested parties can submit an inquiry online that will connect them directly with the appropriate NanoDynamics subject matter expert for more detailed data. Parties are also offered the option of subscribing to TechBank’s opt-in e-mail system that will notify them when new technologies are available for review.

For more information, visit the company's website at

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