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9/10/2006 3:01:50 PM
Rensselaer Nanotechnology 2006 Conference

A conference exploring the opportunities in commercialization of nanoscience, nanotechnology, and related science and engineering fields

Sponsored by the Rensselaer Nanotechnology Center, Office of Alumni Relations, Bawa Biotechnology Consulting, Foley Lardner, Phillips Lytle LLP, and Sughrue Mion PLLC

September 25-26, 2006
Heffner Alumni House, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

New paradigms are shrinking our world. Innovations at the intersection of medicine, biotechnology, engineering, physical sciences and information technology are spurring new directions in R&D, commercialization and technology transfer. The future of nanotechnology is likely to continue in this interdisciplinary manner.

Nanotechnology is a global business development which is penetrating universities, start-ups, and boardrooms of multinational corporations alike, altering risk assessments and strategic planning. International rivalries are growing and political alliances and battle lines are beginning to form. According to a recent Lux Research Report, governments, corporations, and venture capitalists in 2005 spent almost 10 billion dollars on nanotechnology R&D globally while emerging nanotechnology was incorporated into more than 30 billion dollars in manufactured goods. Therefore, the potential future impact of nanotechnology on society could be huge. Numerous novel applications and products are under development or nearing commercialization.

Nanotechnology 2006 will bring you up to speed on the current state of knowledge in this vitally important area. Leading experts from industry, academia and government will provide insights into trends, dissociating myths from realities and highlighting future areas of commercial potential. This two-day international conference will highlight cutting-edge R&D and explore opportunities in commercialization of nanoscience, nanomedicine, bionanotechnology and related science and engineering fields - offering networking opportunities to researchers from industry, government and academia; physicians; intellectual property practitioners; business and economic development professionals; technology transfer specialists, policy makers and venture capitalists. Selected papers from the conference will be published in the peer-reviewed journals, Nanotechnology Law & Business and Nanomedicine.

The conference is limited to the first 200 registrants. Contact Raj Bawa '90 at (703) 582-1745 for sponsorship information. The recommended hotels are Franklin Square Inn and Suites at (518) 274-8800 and the Best Western/Rensselaer Inn at (518) 274-3210. The address to mail packages for the conference is: Kathy Kinsey, Att: Nanotech Conference, Office of Alumni Relations, Heffner Alumni House, 1301 Peoples Avenue, Troy, New York 12180-3590. The closest airport is in Albany, NY, a 20-30 minute cab ride to the conference site in Troy, NY.

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