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11/2/2005 6:08:47 PM
Small Times Magazine Announces Best of Small Tech Awards at Leading Nanotech Business Event

Small Times Magazine presented its highly respected small tech awards at its NanoCommerce conference and trade show today at Chicago's McCormick Place. This is the fourth annual Small Times Magazine Best of Small Tech Awards, which spotlight the top leaders and the biggest successes in nanotechnology, MEMS and microsystems during the past year.

"The bar keeps getting raised each year as these technologies mature and the businesses grow along with them," said Patti Glaza, Vice President and Group Publisher of Small Times. "It is an honor to recognize these trail blazers for the hard work and dedication they have made to changing our world for the better."

Best of Small Tech Award: Product

The Small Times Magazine 2005 Best of Small Tech Product of the Year award goes to a product that is helping researchers simultaneously discover the genetic underpinnings of obesity, autism, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and sudden infant death syndrome: Affymetrix' Genechip Mapping 100K Set.

Runners-up are Intematix' White Lightning phosphor, Labcyte's Echo 550, Nanomix' Nanoelectronic H2 sensor and NanoOpto's Subwave Optical Isolator.

Best of Small Tech Award: Company

E-Ink captured the 2005 Best of Small Tech Company of the Year award for its work in display technology. E-Ink developed a screen technology that utilizes power only when its content changes, allowing an image to remain on the screen after the power is cut.

Runners-up are AdvanceTEC, Nanosolar, pSivida and Zyvex.

Best of Small Tech Award: Business Leader

Oxonica CEO Kevin Matthews took his company public, increased its name recognition and led several business deals with major international firms. As a result, Matthews earned the 2005 Small Times Magazine Business Leader of the Year award.

Runners-up are Keith Blakely (NanoDynamics), David Fyfe (Cambridge Display Technology), Greg Galvin (Kionix) Frank Guidone (Measurement Specialties).

Best of Small Tech Award: Researcher

Hewlett-Packard's Phil Kuekes had several key patents issued this year detailing methods for making nanoelectronic devices and designing nanowire arrays and molecular crossbar latches. His breakthrough research in this area earned him the Small Times Magazine Best of Small Tech Researcher of the Year award in 2005. Kuekes is a senior member in the Quantum Science Research group at HP.

Runners-up are James Baker Jr. (University of Michigan), Robert Langer (MIT), Samuel Stupp (Northwestern University) and Xiang Zhang (UC Berkeley).

Best of Small Tech Awards: Innovator

Oxonica founder Peter Dobson's vision for his company was realized when the company gained entry onto the Alternative Investment Market in London. The achievement of this vision earned him the Small Times' 2005 Best of Small Tech Innovator of the Year award.

Runners-up are Rashid Bashir (Purdue), Angela Belcher (MIT), Stephen Quake (Stanford) and Sally Ramsey (Ecology Coatings).

Best of Small Tech Awards: Advocate

The announcement of a $1 million nanoscience prize every two years beginning in 2008 earned philanthropist Fred Kavli our Best of Small Tech Advocate award for 2005. The award has been heralded as nano's Nobel Prize and will be available to researchers anywhere who advance nanoscience.

Runners-up are Kees Eijkel (MANCEF & University of Twente), Mauro Ferrari (Ohio State University), Richard Jones (University of Sheffield) and Jackie Ying (Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore).

Best of Small Tech Awards: Lifetime Achievement

Kurt Petersen, CEO of SiTime; co-founder and former president and CTO at Cepheid, captured the 2005 Small Times Magazine Best of Small Tech Lifetime Achievement award. This award is in recognition of his contributions as an innovator, entrepreneur, business leader and mentor in the MEMS industry. Petersen won the Small Times Best of Small Tech Business Leader of the Year award in 2002 and his company, Cepheid, won Small Times' 2003 Product of the Year award for its biohazard detectors.

About the Awards

This is the fourth year of the prestigious Small Times Magazine Best of Small Tech Awards. Nominees are evaluated by Small Times Media staff and seven panels of industry experts. Awards are based on accomplishments between September 1, 2004 and September 1, 2005. More details can be found in the November/December issue or online at

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