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8/15/2004 6:57:41 PM
Nanostorage: The Impact of Nanotechnology on Memory, Disk Drives and Other Storage Devices. A Technology and Market Assessment for 2004-2011

Research and Markets announces the addition of this new report entitled "Nanostorage: The Impact of Nanotechnology on Memory, Disk Drives and Other Storage Devices. A Technology and Market Assessment for 2004-2011" to its offering.

This report identifies the present and future opportunities for nanotechnology-based memory chip and disk drive solutions. The report analyzes and comments on the efforts of both established and start-up companies in "nanostorage," evaluates the viability of competing technology approaches and pinpoints current and future market opportunities.

This report examines the business prospects for the new generations of memory chips and disk drives and focuses especially on the following questions of vital importance to the development of this sector of the nanotechnology industry:

  • Which of the various technologies being touted for nanostorage solutions show real commercial potential?
  • What new applications and devices will be enabled by nanostorage?
  • Will nanotechnology bring about a merging of the memory chip industry and the disk drive industry, as many expect?
  • How will nanostorage impact incumbent firms in the disk drive and memory chip business? (Hewlett Packard's nanotech efforts in this area are expected to lead to replacement technologies for flash memories)
  • Which companies stand to win out and which will lose as nanostorage evolves?
  • Will the established players develop their own nanostorage products or acquire start-ups?

The report evaluates the market opportunities for devices and sub-systems being created for use within computing, telecom and datacom equipment and provides timelines for their introduction as well as examining the impact of nanotechnology on conventional memory chips and storage devices. The report evaluates both the role of incumbent disk drive and memory chip manufacturers and the promising new start-ups in this space, where their money is coming from, and their prospects for success, given their strategies, market conditions and funding levels.

This report is targeted towards semiconductor, computer, disk drive and telecom equipment companies, for whom the answers to the questions raised above will be crucial. It will enable readers to better understand drivers and demand patterns for nanoelectronics products. Taking demand-side analysis as a starting point, the report digs down to what requirements nanostorage devices will have to meet over the next few years and which of the R&D programs and commercial companies seem best prepared to seize the available opportunities.

The report will include forecasts of revenues generated by the nanostorage business. As with all NanoMarkets reports, this report will also profile and analyze the activities of both public companies and start-ups active in this space.

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