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Lehigh University
4/24/2011 11:52:36 PM | Research | 0 comments
Playing pool with atoms
Lehigh acquires the world’s most sensitive spectrometer for identifying atoms on a material’s surface
3/14/2011 3:05:52 PM | Research | 0 comments
Lehigh researchers slow broadband light waves with nanoplasmonic structures
A team of electrical engineers and chemists at Lehigh University have experimentally verified the "rainbow" trapping effect, demonstrating that plasmonic structures can slow down light waves over a broad range of wavelengths.
1/16/2011 5:53:10 PM | Nanoparticles | 0 comments
A greener path for the production of a vital chemical
Nanoparticles of gold and palladium (Au-Pd) could lead to a more efficient and environmentally friendly way of producing benzyl benzoate, a chemical compound used widely in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries whose applications include a fixative for fragrances, a food additive and a solvent for chemical reactions.
10/4/2010 11:57:51 AM | Materials | 0 comments
A low-cost catalyst prepares to take on power-plant emissions
A research group has developed catalysts that convert the harmful nitrogen oxides emitted from coal- and gas-fired power plants to nitrogen and water vapor.
9/13/2010 10:34:51 AM | Education | 0 comments
Workshop to assess nano's role in energy's future
Workshop will explore how nanotechnology can help the drive to develop alternative sources of energy while improving the efficiency of existing methods of energy generation.
11/10/2009 7:19:14 AM | Research | 0 comments
Engineers image nanostructure of a solid acid catalyst and boost its catalytic activity
The catalytic processes that facilitate the production of many chemicals and fuels could become much more environmentally friendly thanks to a breakthrough achieved by researchers from Lehigh and Rice Universities.
8/5/2009 12:46:12 AM | Industry | 0 comments
A code without restrictions for the fragile realm of quantum
National Science Foundation three-year, single-investigator award to study quantum error-correction.
7/12/2009 9:01:58 AM | Nanotubes | 0 comments
Researchers enlist DNA to bring carbon nanotubes' promise closer to reality
A team of researchers from DuPont and Lehigh University has reported a breakthrough in the quest to produce carbon nanotubes (CNTs) that are suitable for use in electronics, medicine and other applications.
4/15/2009 12:04:51 AM | Research | 0 comments
New radiation therapy promises relief for overheating laptops
Researchers have developed a heat-dissipation method that cools carbon nanotube electronics by utilizing nonconventional radiation in a “near-field zone” just above the substrate, or surface, on which the nanotubes rest.
3/15/2009 8:07:41 PM | Research | 0 comments
New organic material may speed Internet access
The nanophotonic device has demonstrated the best all-optical demultiplexing rate yet recorded for a silicon-organic-hybrid device.
2/26/2009 5:58:38 PM | Research | 0 comments
Gold nanoparticles lights the way to cleaner, safer production of hydrogen peroxide
Researchers from Lehigh and the UK report a breakthrough in the decades-long effort to produce H2O2 directly from hydrogen and oxygen.
9/5/2008 12:06:49 AM | Research | 0 comments
Scientists peel away the mystery behind gold's catalytic prowess
Bilayer clusters of atoms less than a nanometer in dimension are found to be responsible for a vital oxidation reaction
7/2/2008 5:48:50 PM | Electronics | 0 comments
Lehigh University researchers work at nanoscale to facilitate the integration of optical structures with electrical devices
Using a grating with a grade, engineers trap a rainbow
3/30/2007 7:19:00 AM | Research | 0 comments
A new, nanoporous ceramic filter offers hope to kidney-dialysis patients
The new ceramic filter has the potential to make kidney dialysis much more efficient and to reduce by 30 minutes to one hour the time required for a dialysis treatment
9/28/2006 11:40:40 PM | Nanotubes | 0 comments
The Carbon Nanotubes-DNA wrap: A hefty hybrid for carbon nanotubes
Carbon Nanotubes offer great potential in nanoelectronics, medicine, sensing and lasers, and as strengthening elements in composite materials - however, obstacles must be overcome before CNTs live up to their expectations
5/16/2006 1:42:10 PM | Grants | 0 comments
Lehigh professor garners NSF grant to study macro-ionic 'blackberries'
Work is expected to provide insight into catalytic, electronic, magnetic and biomedical materials.
5/3/2006 5:06:02 PM | Industry | 0 comments
Director of the Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology at Lehigh University Receives Prestigious International Research Award
Germany's Humboldt Research Award to Extend Lehigh's Research Network in Nanotechnology
1/27/2006 6:46:37 PM | Materials | 0 comments
The sweet smell of nano-success
Cleaner method of making spices, perfumes moves one step closer to reality
11/17/2005 11:39:00 AM | Research | 0 comments
Researchers approach quantum limit in third-order nonlinear light-light interaction
Unprecedented nonlinear optical efficiency could make small organic molecules useful for optical computing, data processing and telecommunication
10/25/2005 6:58:23 PM | Research | 0 comments
Road to greener chemistry paved with nano-gold, researchers report
'Nature' article says gold catalysts achieve cleaner, more efficient oxidation
7/6/2005 1:18:06 AM | Nanotubes | 0 comments
Applied Physics of Carbon Nanotubes: Fundamentals of Theory, Optics and Transport Devices
New book highlighting the status of research on nanotubes
9/3/2003 4:47:36 PM | Research | 0 comments
Nanoscale Iron Could Help Cleanse the Environment
The ultrafine particles will flow underground and destroy toxic compounds in place

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