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Yissum Research Development Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ltd. was founded in 1964 to protect the Hebrew University’s intellectual property and commercialise it. $1.2 Billion in annual sales are generated by products based on Hebrew University technologies licensed out by Yissum. Ranked among the top technology transfer companies in the world, Yissum has registered 6100 patents covering 1750 inventions; licensed out 480 technologies and spun out 65 companies. Yissum’s business partners span the globe and include companies such as Novartis, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Intel, Teva and many more.

4/13/2011 4:29:58 PM | Drug Delivery | 0 comments
Yissum Presents Promising Pre-Clinical Results for Oral Delivery of the Anti-Cancer Drug Docetaxel Using a Novel Nanotechnology Approach
Findings published in the prestigious journal "Cancer Research
1/31/2011 12:54:28 PM | Partnership | 0 comments
Yissum and Vaxan to Collaborate for the Development of a Novel Nanoparticle Ink for Printed Electronics
Signed a licensing and research agreement for the development of silver nanoparticles and silver-coated copper nanoparticles for conductive inks.
10/19/2009 5:54:05 PM | Industry | 0 comments
Yissum Introduces Novel Nanotechnology for Revolutionizing Imaging Using T-rays
Using nanostructures which are based on semiconductors with special properties, the novel device will have 400 times higher gain than THz quantum cascade lasers, the only coherent T-ray sources existing today.
6/16/2009 12:33:58 AM | Partnership | 0 comments
Yissum Signs a Collaboration Agreement with Aurum Ventures MKI for the Development of Breakthrough Liver-Bypassing Oral Drug Delivery Nanotechnology
Signed an agreement for the development of a nanotechnology controlled release drug delivery platform that increases the bioavailability of orally administered lipophilic drugs
5/25/2009 11:04:25 PM | Drug Delivery | 0 comments
Z-Cube and Yissum Research Development Company Ltd. Sign a Licensing Agreement for the Development of an Innovative Nanotechnology Drug Delivery System for the Treatment of Pain
Z-Cube has received the worldwide exclusive right to develop and commercialize the technology for pain applications and will sponsor a research program.
2/4/2009 6:40:56 PM | Industry | 0 comments
Yissum Announces Nanotechnology for Increased Bioavailability of Compounds Wins Prestige Award
Professor Nissim Garti has received the 2009 American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) Stephen S. Chang Award for his invention of novel nanoparticles of structured lipids to improve the bioavailability of various drug, food or cosmetic ingredients.

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